Yin-Yang - The Balance Of Self

Universal balance all begins with the Yin-Yang. The Feminine and Masculine energies of life that work harmoniously with the Universe to create natural flow. Too much Yin or too much Yang results in an imbalance of the natural Universe. The Yin-Yang is the symbol of Tao, which is the way of being. It is the way of natural flow within life and the magical spontaneity of experiences you encounter. It is the beginning of everything in your life and the way in which your path is pursued.

The Universe creates itself out of total chaos, made entirely of matter and energy, which is organized into cycles of Yin-Yang. To create perfect flow within your life, your Yin-Yang energies must balance with the natural flow of existence. You must deeply explore both your light and shadow self to understand your Devine Feminine and Devine Masculine. This is the order of the Universe and its design.

We find in life that when we are in flux with the cosmos we flow effortlessly like water. This is the state of “Wu Wei Wu” or action with no action.

Like “Wu Wei Wu” to travel through your journey of endless passions and to embrace sensual and erotic experiences, you need to first say to yourself – I will not have you without the darkness that hides deep within, and I will not show you the light that makes me whole, if my angels and demons can’t dance as one. The universe is in a constant process of re-creating itself. So should you have action with no action, through the exploration of your own light and darkness to re-create, build and evolve to heighted states of consciousness, while effortlessly venturing through the ever-changing Cosmos of both the physical and spiritual realms.

In the spirit animal realm, the Phoenix and Dragon represent Yin-Yang energies. The Phoenix is all about rebirth and the creation of life with a magical and gentle soul. Reinventing yourself by releasing and embracing the new with your Divine Feminine. The Dragon is the mystical wonder of tenacity, heavenly power, strength and ferocious courage, that embraces universal connection to the source through your Devine Masculine. Just as the Phoenix and Dragon dance as one to the sounds of the Universe, bringing natural order to their world, so should Man and Woman as in their universal design, flow in unison bringing their cosmic energies of Yin-Yang, to create the world they manifest in perfect balance.

Galactic eruptions can only be achieved when you have found balance in your Yin-Yang.

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