Torus - Spiralling Temptation

The eternal spiral is the foundational pattern of energy within the entire Universe. It can be found within everything you can see, touch and feel. Often referred to as the “Spiral of Life” by which all energy when correctly aligned and flowing with the synchronicities of the cosmos, continually and with solid intent spirals up, down and around from the depths of the earthly planes to the realms far beyond.

 Just as life starts in a descent from spirit, or an ascent from matter, each eagerly making their way through a tunnel of expanding consciousness. This infinite cosmic energy can only travel through its universal design for so long, until it doubles back and returns to its source. Charged with universal energy and spiralling intensely with momentum through the vortex of pleasure once more, before finally needing to return. This is the process of the Divine Universe – Duality of life, Universal love, Vortexual pleasures and your existence in its rawest form.

As you spiral through the depths of the perpetual vortex to intense arousal and erotic bursts of pleasure, stay present in each breath as you connect to the source with the understanding that your cosmic journey begins and continues with The Torus.

Universal oneness is the way of being in the nothingness of everything. 

Almost as if you have gone to sleep and then never waking up or waking up not remembering having gone to sleep. This is cycle of your evolving consciousness to relinquish Karmic patterns through physical experiences in this earthly dimension.

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