Tigers Eye Love Wand


The perfect art of smooth sensuality and raw power combined with deep feelings of pleasure are found in our original Love Wand. Built from the courageous Tigers Eye, this is the gemstone stone of action. Linked with the Solar Plexus Chakra and just like the regal tiger – strong, courageous and ever ready to pounce, this is the stone of ultimate willpower, inner strength and self – confidence. The spirit of the tiger is a reminder of the importance to stay connected to your primal instincts and to accept your shadow self. Diving deep down to your roots the Tigers Eye gives you the ability to meet any challenges you will face – prepared, ready and unmoved along the unpredictable path of life. From playful pose to predator and protector, the Tigers Eye enriches you with the courage to stand taller, be firmer and reject any feelings of self-doubt, as all light and love that you need to flourish on your journey through life is already stashed inside.

Tigers Eye is known to assist with:

  • Protecting your aura of negative energy
  • Shielding you from radiation
  • Balancing your Endocrine System
  • Increasing metabolism
  • Reducing depression
  • Boosting vitality
  • Building strong foundations in all areas of life
  • Helping to balance the Root, Sacral and Solar plexus chakras

100% Raw Tigers Eye
Clean & Hygienic
Smooth and Non-Abrasive
Comes in box

Tool Dimensions
Length – 18cm
Tip Width – 2.5cm
Centre Width – 4cm


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