Red Jasper Yoni Eggs


Hidden but not forbidden yet secretively playful. Our Yoni Eggs are Crafted with pure fiery Red Jasper. This daring, delicate and dreamy stone of heated passion, screams energy right down to its core.

It’s lush, it’s deep and its utterly nurturing for the soul. Whether you tend to be shy or overly aggressive in sexual encounters, Red Jasper is known to heal sexual issues in both couples and individuals.

Enhancing the power of tantra by sparking sexual interest with your partner and stirring up individual stimulation by helping you transform – creative courage, sensuality and a healthy attitude towards sex. This fiery stone of the sacral chakra drives passion way beyond what happens between the sheets. Red Jasper is known to awaken your kundalini serpent.

The Kundalani whispers to the energy that sits at the base of the spine and when awoken evokes spirals of energy throughout your entire body – leading to deep encounters of passion, spiritual awakenings and raging climaxes.

Red Jasper is known to assist with:

  • Increasing emotional stamina
  • Self-trust and emotional protection
  • Boosting sexual intimacy
  • Spiritual rise and awakening of the Kundalani (our life force energy)
  • The ability to carve through guilt associated with sexual trauma
  • Charging of the Chi
  • Helping cleanse the etheric body
  • Boosting sensual energy flow and passion
  • Enhancing dream recall

100% Raw Red Jasper
Clean & Hygienic
Smooth and Non-Abrasive
Comes in box

Tool Dimensions
Length – 5cm
Width 3.5cm

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