Obsidian Apple Bottoms


Hidden but not forbidden yet secretively playful. Our Yoni Eggs are Forged from the deep dark depths of pure Black Obsidian. A hard dark volcanic stone formed by earth moving explosions & the flow of fiery lava, giving you powerful psychic protection and the ability to wield the impenetrable shield of your aura. Linked with the Root Chakra, making it the ultimate grounding stone by keeping you firmly rooted to the Earth. Black Obsidian creates a safe space for you to melt through emotional issues and to strengthen the psyche. This allows you to release any destructive or excess energy that you may harbour. It is also believed to create supernatural stamina and to encourage solid and unswaying decision making abilities. It’s dark, It’s sensual, it’s mystical and it’s calling you to the other side.

Obsidian is know to assist with:

  • Keeping excessive emotional trauma at bay
  • Easing past relationship transgressions
  • Charging your emotional stability
  • Learning and implementing self-control
  • Guiding you with clarity when making difficult decisions
  • Heightening passion, calming the root chakra and enhancing reproductivity
  • Releasing sexual shame and making you whole again, reclaiming your sexual power

100% Raw Obsidian
Clean & Hygienic
Smooth and Non-Abrasive
Comes in box

Tool Dimensions
Length – 8cm
Centre Width – 4cm

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