Blue Aventurine Yoni Eggs


Hidden but not forbidden yet secretively playful, our Yoni Eggs are carved from the mighty pure Blue Aventurine, this mesmerizing stone of blue hues is that of the element Water. Resonating deep from within the mind, gently making its way to the heart and working calmly, rationally and steadily intensifying the masculine energy in both male and female. Valued as the stone of ultimate self-discipline and inner strength, Blue Aventurine works through guiding you in making clear decisions by enriching you with the ability to take charge. Commanding your way forward in life and the power to control your sexual desires, is the ultimate obtainable mastery of self. This electric stone is linked with Third Eye chakra and that of intuition – often known as your sixth sense.

Like the never ending eb and flow of the vast oceans, Blue Aventurine is like Ying – Yang. Quiet yet roaring, calm yet immensely powerful and effortlessly working with the magical flow of energy and the oneness of the Universe. The deep unknown wonders of the blue are there to remind you that you are far deeper than what you may reveal to the world. Like the oceans you too are one with this infinite flow.

Blue Aventurine is known to assist with:

  • Enhancing perception and awareness of ones surroundings
  • Intensifying the masculine energy in both male and female
  • Gently merging oneself with the flow of life
  • Activating and opening the epicentre of our consciousness
  • Giving one the ability to take charge of life
  • Opening realms of higher spiritual guidance
  • Charging our psychic abilities
  • Magnifying ones inner power and self-respect
  • Helping one to honor others


100% Raw Blue Aventurine
Clean & Hygienic
Smooth and Non-Abrasive
Comes in box

Tool Dimensions
Length – 5cm
Width 3.5cm

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