Amethyst Slim Wand


The perfect art of smooth sensuality and raw power combined with deep feelings of pleasure are found in our original Love Wand. Moulded from the higher vibrations of pure Amethyst. A strong meditative stone that works on balancing the spiritual and physical planes of your body, patience of the mind and peace from within your soul. It is a useful tool for clarity of mind, identifying and releasing negative patterns and behaviours by connecting with the all-knowing Universe. Amethyst contains soothing energies that restore peacefulness and contentment. Its gentle aura is a powerful healer through the process of grief or personal loss. Linked with crown chakra the Amethyst is known as the mightiest of all crystals.

Amethyst is known to assist with:

  • Evolvement of consciousness during meditation and lucid dreaming
  • Providing comfort to those who are grieving
  • Refining the thinking process and enhancing imagination and intuition
  • Stimulating new ideas and turning thought into action
  • Cleansing the energetic field of negative attachments and influences
  • Supporting the emotional body and reclaiming wholeness
  • Identifying the root cause of destructive tendencies and behaviours
  • Connecting one with the higher self and into greater realms to receive guidance

100% Raw Amethyst
Clean & Hygienic
Smooth and Non-Abrasive
Comes in box

Tool Dimensions
Length – 17cm
Tip Width – 2.5cm
Base Width – 3cm

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