Pleasure Pixie - Seductive Curiosity

As you are lured into the unknown a sense mystical sorcery flutters over you. Then firmly taking control the Pleasure Pixie mischievously seduces you into a tantric trance like state. Suddenly flooding your mind with naughty thoughts and tiny tingles, while simultaneously combusting and giving clarity in confirmation of the knowledge that you are deeply plugged into the source with the freedom of sensual astral exploration. Let your consciousness flower into the unexplored dimensions of pure erotic ecstasy.

I’m such a bad human…Don’t look at me…

First and foremost, Rainbow Moonshine calms the monkey mind and stops your thoughts from swinging branch to branch. That’s not to say it quashes your ability to think, in fact, it does the opposite through the expansion of your consciousness by removing the blinkers of preconditioned imprinted thoughts. If you feel stuck, crave adventure or need a boost in your imagination and manifestations, the iridescent cosmic swirls of Labradorite linked with the mystical energies of Moon Magick are sure to get your creative juices surging.

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