Moonshine - Cosmically Charged

The Moon affects the eb and flow of the mighty oceans and roaring seas, through its magnetic pull according to the lunar phases as we journey through the months. It is no surprise you may feel affected by the sorcery of its temptations, as it waxes and wanes as you are lured into the magnetism of it. We all catch ourselves from time to time in those dreamy moments, staring in complete awe and utter wonder into the unknown. The moon casts an unexplainable spell on each of us, evoking emotions deep within, just like the magic and mysticism of unconditional love.

As the moon moves through its 8 phases, so too does the universe work in the mysterious 8. The number of infinity bound by no space nor time. Universal equilibrium is balanced through the cycles of Karma, as you knowingly or unknowingly project your intent into the Cosmos. To harness the powers of the magical lunar phases one must merge with their connection to the source. In doing so you can tap into the infinite abundance of the Universe to create your own reality as you set intent while manifesting all that you desire.

As you set intent and adventure through your own phases of internal exploration, deep erotic discoveries of self and the notion that all pleasure resides within the mind and the hand of the “Tool Master”, adhere to the laws of the Cosmos before you embark on this sensual journey of healing. The Universe is a mirror, so set your intent wisely. If you smile at her, she smiles back just like the moon beams at the dark misty forests beneath as it tints and illuminates the nights sky. Watch carefully and you will see the glow of the Moon as it shields the Earth’s aura. So too, Rainbow Moonshine provides a shielding force to your aura, empowering your natural majestic energies from within. This is the key to unlocking and awakening your awareness of inner spirit, intuition and physic abilities.

Get ready to embrace that cosmic charge and the release of supernova like explosions deep within your energetic being.

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