Kundalini - The Awoken Goddess

The Kundalini is known as the serpent which lies dormant and tightly coiled at the base of your spine. It is believed that all divine feminine energy is created and manifested here. The Kundalini waits patiently and ready for you as you move through life until that moment you enter your enlightened experience, whereby all your chakras have finally come into alignment and each connected as you are ready to travel to the depths of your infinite universal power.

When awoken the Kundalini like a blossoming flower in spring, without warning suddenly rises and shoots from the roots of your being all the way up through your crown and into the infinite beyond. Creating an upward flow of energy that balances, empowers and intensely charges your entire energetic body, allowing you to tap into levels of consciousness once thought imaginably unobtainable. When this happens, intense electrical cosmic surges are felt deep within the centre of your being, revealing a distinctive and unforgettable mystical experience, as the mighty Kundalini releases its power. This is the Universe in its purest form.

The mystical serpent’s power is full of blessings and wonders, while holding your Divine Feminine energy and your very life force at your inner core. When the sleeping Kundalini Goddess has been awoken by the “teacher”, she becomes the giver and holder of all miraculous powers, both earthly and universal by unlocking your connection to the source of infinite consciousness.

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