Gray's Wand - Dark Matter

Just like the Northern Lights that illuminate the icy dark winter skies of the hard North, Gray’s Wand with its sheens of dreamy colours and luring darkness, illuminates the hand of the user.  Firmly activating your power to create your own mystically charged journey. Labradorite – also known as the Rainbow Moonshine, is the most powerful protector over the energy realms, providing sensual exploration through alternate states of consciousness from within. Opening portals to erotic experiences, superclusters of galactic cosmic orgasms and the realisation of universal oneness. Like the Aurora Borealis,  with their bounty of shimmering blues, fluorescent greens and gold, offers you the reminder that all healing is connected to the elements – The flowing molten lava beneath your feet,  the soaring heights of the rolling mountains, the depths of the surging oceans, the intensity of the howling winds, the serenity of the eternal  blue sky and the infinite wonders of the Universe waiting to be intimately explored.

That moment you merge with the intense solidness of the ever-changing spectrum of mystical colours, combined with the seductive sorcery of the luring darkness, follows the immediate wonder if this may be your very last earthly breath and if so, then with the acceptance of cosmic content. But as you continue your voyage into the throbbing abyss of your sensual travels and explorations, you collide with the earth-shattering realisation of your own unique soulful awakening and the knowledge in the completion of your almighty conquest and the successful reclaimant of your goddess like power, as you emerge from the depths of erotic darkness, finally reaching the never-ending vastness of angelic light and evolved consciousness.

Like the stone of mysticism and endless wonder, Gray’s Wand brings life-giving energy into the curiosity of the unknown and heightened stimuli to the delicate areas of your soul – as the journey of desire and arousal begins within your mind, sensually flowing through your hot flushed body and finally rushing into your deep oasis with the deliverance of mystical sensations and outer body experiences,  you are fervently propelled through galaxies of erotic eruptions. This is the stone you want inside. Charging feelings of lustful ecstasy set your inner flame alight. Unlocking your Devine Feminine, as your magical adventure effortlessly unfolds before you. Giving you the ability and strength to move through life more consciously and to relinquish old ideas that no longer support your infinite purpose and rather in favour of setting out onto new and exciting paths and discoveries that are rhythmically aligned with your true calling. When you are flowing with the cosmic vibrations of the Universe you are able to move effortlessly through life.

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